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Okay, Wygal and everyone else. Here's my Seminar Blog. I hope you enjoy!
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— 02 November
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Torment me no more.

This may be short because the Tormentor has to be the shortest boss battle in the history of gaming. Well, I guess there’s the crab in Monster Party that literally holds a sign saying, “Sorry, I’m dead!” but that’s another story.

Before I go into detail I feel I should explain Dead Space a little bit. The setting is in space. The year is 2508. Isaac Clarke, an engineer, is called to repair the Ishimura. A large vessel used for collecting and transporting ore. When Isaac and his team get there, they quickly learn that the crew was lost to a parasitic alien life-form known as the Necromorphs. Isaac’s day job as an engineer soon became a fight for survival.

Necromorphs are different than your typical horror enemies. In a video game, whenever someone sees an enemy they always say “go for the head!” but in the case of the Necros, you need to dismember their limbs. No one really knows why, other than the fact it immobilizes the infected host. They can still be killed by shooting any other part of their body, but their true weak spot is their limbs. The Tormentor is created by a single parasite infecting multiple corpses at once, explaining its size.

The Tormentor is debuted in Dead Space 2 during a cut-scene  I wish this was an actual fight but it soon becomes an interact-able cut-scene where you need to shoot the limbs of the Tormentor in order for Isaac to have some chance of escape; one wrong move results in Isaac’s death. If all the scenes are done successfully, Isaac breaks free of The Tormentor’s grasp and chases Isaac out of a window, crashing into a fuel carrier. The Tormentor soon re-cooperates and tries to go after Isaac once again. The player must shoot nearby fuel canister in hopes to damage The Tormentor with a chain explosion of the canisters. Once you do, the character is pushed by the blast into another window of the ship and begins a new chapter.

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— 31 October
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"By the grace of Etro, arise great and mighty giant.
Come forth, thee who shoulders the sky.
A name in blood, a pact of strength.
Hecatoncheir shall rise, his bond eternal and unyielding.
Impure hands purge arms that fortify weakness.”

Hecatoncheir is my favorite boss of Final Fantasy XIII. The fanbase considers him as a subpar boss, but in my opinion, I think he fits in pretty well and has an aesthetic appeal.

Hecatoncheir is an Eidolon who came to Vanille very late in the game. Eidolons come to the aid of their respective L’Cie when they’re at their lowest point. Eidolons come to the aid of their L’Cie at their lowest point but in doing this, they must test the L’Cie, thus making the Eidolon a boss on debut and an ally upon its defeat. Vanille must show her skills as a L’Cie by healing allies, debuffing her opponents and atacking with magic. Once the L’Cie has proven its strength, the Eidolon will risk its own life and do anything in its power to make sure it’s L’Cie is safe. As seen in the seventh picture, Hecatoncheir is protecting Vanille from gunfire.

Hecatoncheir balances his L’Cie exceptionally, as she is mainly used as a Medic because of her magic abilities. When Hecatoncheir joins her, she becomes a valuable ally as she can heal the party and the Eidolon can attack the opponent with it’s great physical capabilities.

Eidolons have something exclusive to them called “Gestalt Mode.” Typically, they become some sort of vehicle or mode of transportation; Odin becomes a horse, Alexander becomes a moving fortress, Brynhildr becomes an exotic race car, and The Sisters Shiva become a motorcycle. But in Hecatoncheir’s case, he becomes Magitek Armor, as shown in the sixth picture.

Hecatoncheir and Eidolons in general are without a doubt, the most fearsome of foes and the most loyal of allies a L’Cie could ask for.

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— 30 October
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Okay, I’m really excited to do this one.

In English, Verdugo means “torturer/executioner”, and his name suits him very well. He is, in my opinion, the scariest boss in Resident Evil 4. He is one of the very few B.O.W.s (Biological Weapon) in the Resident Evil series to show any type of human intelligence; the others being the tyrants, and Nemesis. Verdugo is special, however, he isn’t programmed to obey orders like the Tyrants and Nemesis. He was created via gene-splicing of human and insect DNA and the infection of Las Plagas. The Verdugo serves as a bodyguard to Ramon Salazar, another boss in Resident Evil 4. The Verdugo can understand any commands given to him by Salazar, as well as acting on free will. A good example of this is when Leon Kennedy throws a knife at Salazar and the Verdugo takes the knife thrown and throws it back at Leon with pinpoint accuracy. This creature shows its true colors when Salazar sends it after Leon. Leon is trapped in a sewer complex and as the character ventures, the Verdugo will sometimes plunge its tail through the concrete ceiling in an attempt to injure Leon. Once Leon reaches the end of the complex, he finds an elevator that is temporarily offline. Once activated, the Verdugo reveals itself and now Leon needs to fight for his life.

As previously stated, the Verdugo has great intelligence and it’s all exemplified in this fight. The Verdugo shows predatory instincts by hiding in shadows and waiting for the right time to strike. He is capable of restraining Leon and attacking him. The Verdugo has a bullet resistant exoskeleton and also he is one of the bulkier bosses of the game, so you’re in for a long fight.

When fighting the Verdugo, the character must travel through the surrounding rooms in order to survive. Staying in a narrow hallway means certain death as eventually you’ll be backed into a corner. Another thing about the Verdugo is that when the player tries to instantly kill it with a Rocket Launcher, once impacted, the Verdugo simply waves it’s finger in a “no, no, no” jester. My favorite part of the fight has to be when you try to push the button to the elevator, when it’s not ready. Leon repeatedly presses the button saying, “C’mon, c’mon!” showing how truly afraid of the Verdugo he is, as Leon’s never shown any sign of fear in another creature encounter.

The fight is completely optional, but you’ll still have to evade the Verdugo for a while as the elevator will eventually arrive - but if you do run away and eventually choose to come back, he’ll still be there, which is another thing exclusive to the Verdugo. The Verdugo is can be killed by any means, but it will take a lot of ammo. The easiest way to kill him would be to freeze him with a surrounding Nitrogen tank and attack while he’s frozen. Eventually he will break out of the icy shell but there are more tanks, so no need to fret. It’d be preferred not to kill him while he’s frozen because you won’t get his treasure, the Royal Insignia.

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— 29 October
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Phantom Shadow Beast Bongo Bongo

Alright, so, he isn’t my favorite boss, but he’s definitely up there. I don’t want any of these bosses to be considered my number one, because of the variety of each of them. Okay, here we go.

Bongo Bongo from Ocarina of Time is by far my favorite boss in LoZ:OoT (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) because of the overall eeriness and difficulty. So, Bongo Bongo is found in the Shadow Temple after much progress in the game. (I think he’s the Semi-Final boss, I may be wrong. If not, he’s right before the Semi-Final boss.) Now, the thing is, the only way to see him is with the Eye of Truth, for the Eye exposes the temples secrets and the undead creatures that reside within it. He is beatable without it, but it’s incredibly difficult. What I love most about Bongo Bongo is his backstory. Obviously, you can tell he’s a contorted, decapitated man with severed hands. (Oh, by the way, this is a children’s game.) Bongo Bongo in his past life was a Sheikah, the shadow folk who devote their lives to protecting the Royal Family of Hyrule. However, Bongo betrayed the Royal Family in the Hyrulean Civil War and was sent to execution. He and his house were sent to the bottom of the Well of Three Features in Kakariko Village. The well isn’t your traditional well, it was a secret torture chamber used by the Sheikah. Bongo had his hands severed as his first form of torture and his blood was drained as the second form, resulting in the purple shade of skin, and finally, he was decapitated, thus explaining his overall appearance.

The means in which to kill him is very tedious, as he has the most overall health of any boss. He stays as far away from Link as possible so you must use a projectile weapon. His left hand plays the bongo very fast-paced while his right hand plays very slow-paced. He will use his hands in various forms of attack, such as punching you, smacking you, squishing you, swiping across the drum, grabbing you and tossing you into the dangerous liquid surrounding the drum, or try to clap you between his hands. You need to stun his hands in order to truly damage him. He’ll back off the drum and then charge at you. This is your chance to hurt him as his eye is open and he can be stunned and it’ll be your opportunity to severely damage him. Rinse, wash, repeat, and you’ll defeat Bongo Bongo.